• Why was ezeedone.com created?
    ezeedone.com founder Summit, was searching for love. He did find many dates by going on different dating sites. He filled up long personality tests, been on many single’s nights and events, been on different activity events but there was always a lack of confidence he had in the date he had been with or sometimes he couldn’t see that confidence the date he had with in him. He wasn’t sure or sometimes the date wasn’t sure about him. Sometimes things were like too good to be true. The time just flew by and this went on for years. Until one day he had a common friend whom he was dating with. And that’s it.. this gave Summit and his date a confidence among each other and in few months they got married.
  • Is there a dating app for ezeedone.com?
    Our website works on all screen sizes it can be your mobile phone, ipad or tablet. You can create a short cut on the home screen easily. However we will be soon making an app after getting some suggestions from our members.
  • I’m married so why should I use ezeedone.com?
    Through ezeedone.com you can still get happiness by making friends, buying things from them and selling your things to them. And it’s not necessary at all that you should be friends first to buy from them or sell things to them. You can search things you want to buy using our search option and then you can send message through public or private message options.
  • I’m single so why shouldn’t I use a dating site instead?
    This is a site which has got the mix of all the options to get in touch and interact with people. You can find your love only when you get in touch with someone or interact with someone. And it may get only more wonderful if you got a common friend who also knows your date who can actually give some good words for you or for her it’s no obligation though. If you don’t get in touch with anyone you won’t be able to find someone for yourself. In a typical dating site you will be endlessly giving long personality test, meeting so many people and going out on so many events in search of love and will only end up in endless text messages.
  • Will ezeedone.com post things on my Facebook feed without my consent?
    Nope, never, pinky promises. Nothing is shared on Facebook or any other platform without your prior consent
  • Do I have to pay to use ezeedone.com?
    You can make friends, view profiles to date and advertise things or services to buy and sell for free. However if you want to contact your date you have to enrol for our various plans.
  • How does the dating site work?
    We want to get things done easy! Hence ezeedone.com, so we made the site in three simple steps. Sign up – – register for free and put up your profile Connect – – Select and Connect the matches you like Interact – – Choose from one of our plans and start a conversation.
  • Can I hide the things which I don’t want others to see?
    We at ezeedone.com respect your privacy and there are lots of options where you can hide the things which you may not like to show to everyone.




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